Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Three Things that Make Me Shine with Glee.

P.S. My internet has been out for a few days, sorry I couldn't get this up sooner.

Life is full of trouble and trouble waiting to happen. I may sound like a complete cynic, but it's a reality that we have to face at times. That's why going to my room, shutting the door and windows and just drawing or writing or singing can be so necessary sometimes. Not a power to be abused, but one to definitely be taken in moderation. You could very well argue that my other two points are a branch-off of this, because in whole, escaping is what makes me happy. Whether it's by listening to music, being with friends, or sleeping. Oh, bountiful sleep. A very good process of escaping I've found is my iPod. I would not be able to get through things without my iPod at my side. Let me show you some of my most played songs.

Hey Jude - Across The Universe.

Hide and Seek [Cover] - Cantatrice en Douleur

I'm a huge theatre nerd. I love watching it , acting in it, directing it, writing it, and promoting it. Being a self-diagnosed actor blatantly adds to the mix as well. My favourite type of theatre is in small venues. It adds to the personal aspect, as in a stage where you're able to walk right through the fourth wall if you'd very well decide to. You'd get in a hell of a lot of trouble, but you very well could. Another huge theatre nerd thing about me is my obsession with creative blocking. Jacky Le, a friend of mine, was in some Theatre up by UBC [University of British Columbia] and they had seats on three of the four sides of the stage. The blocking was amazing as it catered to all three sides. I would love to have the chance to block something like that.
A while ago, I saw the opening performance of 'Les Miserables' at the Arts Club. There's so much talent in Vancouver, it's amazing. There was this young 11-year-old boy playing Gavroche named Joshua Ballard, and I was floored. He was insane. The voice that came out of his mouth was trained, but not so trained that you would lose the rawness in his voice. And singing without losing a character isn't an easy thing, so I was very very impressed.

The cast of Les Miserables in their Act I Finale, "One Day More".

Writer's block can be quite fun at times. Not because I'm completely clueless, but because it gives me an opportunity to be inspired by a variety of things. One of which is an audio clip that never fails to exhilirate me. It's a monologue of sorts by Teller of Penn & Teller.
You can view my collection of Inspiration-filled goodness on my Tumblr account.
I hope you took trifled amusement from this peering into my mind. Gee, I wish there was more going on in there.

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  1. haha I love it, theatre sounds great.. I'd love to be a part of theatre one day. Interesting post