Sunday, July 5, 2009

3 Things that Make Me Happy :)

Hi! This is LeeMeow. (Some of my friends call me DinDin.)
It is great that we have a place to share what we love, what we created. Since I'm a visual person, most of my future posts are going to be photos showing what I love & what I made.

1. Making collage/art journal pages makes me happy :).
(Some of the collage elements on this journal page are provided by Nancy of Crowabout.)

2. Lovely Japanese zakka magazines. I love looking at them, give me new ideas of doing page layout and how to shoot lovely photos.

3. Making zines makes me happy. This is my first mini zine I did for a swap. Planning on doing more in the future.


  1. I totally adore the colorful and vintage feel of your images. Do you shoot polaroid or do you fauxlaroid your digital shots? Either way, they are lovely.

  2. Great photos! Very cute minizine. What is zakka magazines? Looks very nice, is it something you can find on internet?

  3. Love that creating things makes you happy, keep up the great work. I love creating too :)

  4. Like the above comments your pictures are gorgeous! yes what are Zakka magazines? i just pulled out form a july mini-zine swap as i had been getting too many flakers over the passed 2 months. If interested and we can swap directly! I love you cover art :)